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With our vision is to provide affordable and high impact signs, Sign Guru has always been there to ensure the optimization of such ideas to be successfully imbued. Such signs were carefully crafted to attract the attention of your audience, therefore further increasing the awareness of the products and services you provide. Sign Guru also utilizes the highest image printing quality that has served a great purpose of maintaining unparalleled quality among the printed images of mobile and temporary signs.

Sign Guru has locations in Edmonton, Winnipeg and Calgary to provide high quality, affordable and highly effective portable, mobile, temporary road side signs in and around each of these cities.

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Line signs are fast becoming a thing of the past and a full color digitally printed mini billboard has never been this affordable.  Simply said, these signs are very close in price to a traditional changeable copy sign.  Sign Guru can do two things better and faster than anyone in the industry 1) 24 hour turnaround time for graphic design and 2) deliver your sign 24 hours after you sign off on the design work.  In a nutshell we can deliver a sign in 2 business days and it takes most line sign companies longer to deliver their product.

Digitally printed portable signs have a life expectance for at least 24 months. Other knock-off signs use low end inks that only last for less than a year before it fades and cracks.  This gives OUR customers a greater profit margin on their signs due to their quality and durability.

Sign Guru is a leader in the Edmonton portable sign rental industry offering digitally printed full color portable signage.

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As we fully understand the kind of services that any consumer would hold as essential, Sign Guru has always been there to create as many pictures and images as necessary. Thus, it has been one of Sign Guru’s prioritization to keep the signs readily readable, up to date, and fresh.

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Sign Guru has also been able to accept and fully grasp the idea of going green. Our rigid substrate used in our signs has been known and noted to be reusable. If and whenever the images of the sign must be changed, the vinyl portion of the sign will be removed and be applied with a new one. Therefore, keeping and maintaining the going green lifestyle and reducing our impact on the environment.

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Sign Guru has built a community wherein the safety and awareness are being implemented with minimizing our impact on the environment. With these set of visions, Sign Guru has grown as time passed by, making it to be renowned across the whole city as a leader in the portable sign industry.

The only question you should ask yourself is… Does your signage represent your business?  If not you need to give us a call today!  Sign Guru provides an unparalleled product, at unequalled rate and is supported by unbelievable customer service.

Give us a call today and ask about our new customer special and get your printing free on a 3 month contract.

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