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Edmonton portable Signs Pricing

Sign Guru Edmonton has taken the bull by the horns by allowing our customers the chance to play with the big boys. Digitally printed mobile signage in Edmonton has changed forever.

Simply put the cost of printing over the last few years has decreased to a point where anyone can make the jump to this type of signage and when you take a good look at our product you will be blown away by its affordability and impact.

Portable Signs Edmonton

New Customer Special:

Short Term Rentals:

2 Weeks or Less Rental Rate

1 Month Rental = $199/month

1 Month and Longer Rental Rate = $179/month

Image Storage:

Once you have created an image we will store the image for up to 3 years at no cost as long as the images are used at least once per year.  This allows our customers to create as many images as the want and swap/change them as often as they like to keep their sign looking fresh and keep their cost lower by not having to reprint the image upon is reuse.

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