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The Town of Beaumont sits about 10 KM south of Edmonton and is just a 10 minute drive away.

Portable signs are regulated to the point of not being allowed at all in this town. Beaumont is clearly in violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights. Every company is entitled to freedom of speech under the Charter and Beaumont is violating this right. This is can be shown further by the fact that they allow real estate signs to advertise a property that is for sale or for lease that is the same size as a portable sign yet the real estate sign is allowed and the portable sign is not. What is even more frustrating is that Beaumont uses portable signs to promote their own events but restrict businesses from doing the same.

Someone needs to place a sign and let them ticket the sign so it can be taken to court. What is more disappointing, is that bylaws are used as a way to screw us out of our freedoms and make us conform to some arbitrary idea of some sort of ideal world that has made us into sheep.

Do not do business in Beaumont and look to communities that are business friendly.